It was late, later than usual, but a friend’s birthday needed to be celebrated first. When I got home, I checked in with my mom and she said it wasn’t too late to call. Denver is two hours behind, but I wasn’t sure how Maga defined late.

Me: Maga! Hi! Sorry to call back so late!

Maga: No problem. Glad you were persistent. If I didn’t have these telephone calls with family to fall back on, it’d be pretty gruesome.

Me: Well, October is a time for gruesome things.

Maga: *chuckles* So, tell me about your next trip.

I did.

Maga: You’re turning into quite the traveler this year.

Me: Yes, well, I figured if I can’t find a place to buy and call home, I might as well go see the world.

Maga: Makes sense to me. I’ll be interested to hear all the things you did.

Apparently it’s my duty to keep on keeping on with the heavy travel schedule and to send postcards from each place I visit, not only because sometimes my travels blocks our Tuesday phone calls, but because everyone loves mail. And now that I’m traveling for two…

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