Me: How are you feeling?

Maga: Not on top of the world. I’m sorry my TV is so loud. I don’t know how to turn it down.

Me: It’s not too loud.

Maga: Any more trips coming up?

Me: Actually, yes. I leave Monday and return on a Friday. I’ll be sending you a postcard for every Tuesday phone call I miss.

Maga: That would be nice. You leave on Thursday?

Me: Monday. I’ll call you from the airport so it’ll minimize our time between calls.

Maga: And you come back on Monday?

Me: Friday.

Maga: I’m sorry my TV is so loud. I don’t know how to turn it down.

Me: Is there a button called VOL?

Maga: COL?

Me: V as in Victor or volume. There should be a + and – button.

Maga: Oh, why yes. There is.

Me: Push the – button.

Maga: When?

Me: Right now.

Maga: Oh, I think that worked. Thank you for explaining that to me!

Me: And when you want the TV loud again, push the + button.

And then we went over the itinerary of my upcoming trip a few more times because she somehow had gotten a hold of a pen and paper.

Maga: They must think highly of you to send you on your own.

Me: I hope so. I work hard.

Maga: You leave on Friday?

Me: Monday.

Her worrying over my itinerary made me feel like I was part of the in crowd because I’ve only ever heard her worry so hard about my mom and my Aunt J’s travel schedules.

Maga: And you come back on Tuesday?

Me: Friday. Just in time to vote!

Maga: Oh, yes. It’s terribly important to vote.

Me: It sure is. Who are you voting for?

Maga: I’m going to vote for the lady. I’ve never voted Democratic in my life, but Trump is just the pits. I don’t like him at all.

Me: I agree. Hillary for the White House.

Maga: I’ve voted Republican my whole life, but not this time. Let’s hope it works.

I’m with her.

4 thoughts on “10.18.16”

  1. I love hearing your phone conversations with her! They are so different than mine so it is great to see multiple sides of her :)

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