Me: Hi, Maga. It’s Abby.

Maga: Abby, dear. Hi! Hello! Has it been a week already? You know I’m in a rehab facility, right?

Me: Yes, I know and no, it hasn’t been a week. Today is Thursday.

Maga: You’re calling on a Thursday? Oh how wonderful! Did anything exciting happen in the two days since we talked?

Me: Nope. I’m fighting a cold, so I’ve been laying low. I think it was the plane I was on last weekend. They’re so full of germs.

Maga: Oh, yes, they are! I used to wear a mask occasionally. It would depend on where I was going or where I was coming from or what the season was. It was sort of embarrassing to wear it, you know.

Me: Did Jobo ever say anything when you wore it?

Maga: Oh, no. He said nothing. He was too kind. This rehab center is the pits.

Me: Does it make you miss Lowry? (The care center she moved into in July, which she doesn’t like.)

Maga: Oh yes. Lowry looks so good to me now. I don’t know a soul here.

Me: My mom will be there in a few hours. Early in the morning.

Maga: Yes! She will. Do you know if she changed her plans to come out here?

Me: She did, yes, but she wants to visit you and help you get better. I wish I could too.

Maga: Oh, so do I. I’d love to see you. How is she getting here from the airport?

Me: She’ll either get a ride with C or maybe rent a car. I’m sure she has a plan.

Maga: Yes. I’m sure she has a plan. Your mom is very smart. She has good plans most of the time.

Me: Did she get that from you or Jobo?

Maga: Probably, Jobo. He was very smart. He did well at everything he attended to. Have you moved yet?

Me: Oh, no. Probably not until December. There’s so much to do before then.

Maga: Do you have all the furniture you need?

Me: *laughter* Absolutely not. It’s going to be bare bones for a long time because all my money is going into buying the condo.

Maga: Maybe you could get some folding chairs. That’ll make you more comfortable. I’m so happy you called because I am so lonely.

Me: Me too. I mean I’m glad I called not that I’m happy you’re lonely.

Maga: *talks over me* Not that you’re happy I’m lonely. I know what you meant, dear.

Switching topics a mile a minute, distraction by the Broncos playing San Diego, finishing my sentences, it’s good to have my Tuesday night girl back (even on a Thursday).

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