two babies and a condo

Mac3 doesn’t (yet) have an extensive vocabulary, but her curiosity is endless, especially when riding in the car. She faces backwards while her older siblings (Big Mac and Bubba Mac) ride forwards. The inferiority of her positioning has led to a continual stream of “Whazthat?” after every strange noise and bump.


Since her eyes can’t see what her ears can hear, she questions everything, which last weekend led me down a path of answering her every 5-15 seconds, and of using my hearing more acutely. It was a fun exercise using my senses in a different way to figure out what she might have heard, but come on, Mac3, windshield wipers sound the same every single time!

Yes, of course, I was suckered into answering every single “Whazthat?” because having her communicate with more than just pointing and screeching was a true delight.

Later that weekend, I got to meet RJS, my college roommate’s four month old who is impressively alert and attentive to her surroundings. She and I had a staring contest for probably 7 minutes straight while I spoke quietly to her about life and the future and the present and boys and food and dates and football and our surroundings and she never broke eye contact once. It was strange and amazing. I believe she could see through my words and was judging me based on the tone behind them.


Or maybe she was just egging me on to see how long I would talk.

Either way, she let me hold her during a variety of outings, so I guess I wasn’t found lacking.

My point? Both babies eerily mirror my current mindset as I delve into the world of real estate. After my seventh offer over the course of two plus years, I finally got an acceptance, and now I find myself asking my realtor, my lawyer, my coworker, and my parents WHAZTHAT? about every huge and intricate detail I had no idea existed in home-ownership-dom.

Adulting is scary hard.

Sometimes the answers to my questions are too much and all I can do is steely stare at my surroundings, like RJS. Maybe I’m hoping I can laser beam an answer out of the walls and windows and dormered ceilings.

I haven’t yet found the answers, but they’re letting me move in, so I guess I haven’t been found lacking.

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