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A 105 degree fever + a whole host of complications + an extended stay in the ICU and all Maga had to say today was, “What a drag.”

Holding in the laughter irritated my sore throat, but the relief I felt at hearing that familiar annoyance in her tone soothed my worried heart. My calls to her Saturday and Sunday this weekend did little to alleviate my fears of her advanced age.

Today, her voice was more gravelly than usual and her memories of why she was in the hospital non-existent, but she remembered to ask about my big news and she remembered to brag about the ever expanding size of her/our family and she remembered it was Tuesday and she remembered that “Tuesday’s are our day, aren’t they?”

It was all I had dared to hope for all weekend.

Just one more Tuesday conversation where we cover big and little topics, stretching time and repeating words, memories, and themes all while we avoid being alone by being together.

3 thoughts on “10.11.16”

  1. Oh Abs…this made me tear up and be happy at the same time. So glad you got this conversation and hope for many more!

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