“Aunt J and Uncle P found some old movies at my house and put them onto some sort of gadget so we could watch it on the TV,” Maga said. 

“Oh, wow!”

“The movies are from when my kids are young. I mean really young. Uncle T wasn’t even born yet.”

“Are both you and Jobo in them too?”

“Not really. It’s mainly just the three kids. It’s long before you were even thought of, to be frank.”

“Maybe we can watch them over your birthday weekend? I’d love to see my mom and Aunt J and Uncle D as little young things.”

“What a wonderful idea! Yes, I’ll ask Aunt J if we can do that. They’re so funny. I’m in the kitchen in one doing crazy stuff.”

“Did you like to cook?”

“I don’t do much now, no.”

“But when you were younger…”

“Oh yes. I loved to cook. I was always cutting recipes out from magazines and newspapers. I really enjoyed cooking and trying out new recipes.”

The gene for cutting out snippets of paper and saving them? I got that. The gene for being a whiz in the kitchen? Did not get that.


As a consolation prize though, I get to see an itty bitty version of my mom when I’m next visiting Maga. As if I wasn’t already excited to help her celebrate #96…this is, dare I say it, the icing on the cake.

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