“My head is twirling. Are you looking at a calendar? At my advanced age, I don’t do too much. My house is empty and devoid of a lot of things. I’ll need to see what’s going on on my end. I think I’ll call J and C. Thank you for calling with all of this good news.”

Maga’s exclamations were vast and hurried and continued and repeated. I was merely trying to explain my two upcoming visits which I’d hoped would give her things to look forward to.

It did.


The news simultaneously overwhelmed her.

I explained the details again and again and told her that we could pretend I lived locally since I’d get to see her twice in three weeks. Her voice was shaky with excitement and nerves as she thought out loud about what we could do to keep things interesting.

“I’m happy just to visit with you,” I said.

“If you insist,” she said.

I did. I do. I am.

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