I called at the usual time, but the caregivers were in the midst of switching from the day lady to the night lady, and chit chat with me was cast aside due to the attention Maga needed to say goodbye to her beloved day lady and welcome her (new to her though she was there last week) night lady. And so with only 5 minutes logged, Maga didn’t leave with me much to report.


Niece M needed to interview me for a class project this week. She lives even further away from me than Maga and so my aunt duties are sadly limited. If we were geographically closer, I’d be helping out with homework on a more regular basis, and so, I was beyond thrilled to get this chance to do so.

The interview involved some hard hitting questions that had me fumbling and mumbling and thinking aloud. Describing values and beliefs and religion and knowledge is difficult in its own right, but to do so while simultaneously being blown away by what a fine young woman your niece has become?

High school is hard.

Even if you’re not the student anymore!

Niece M explained how the interview would shake out, but I was so taken aback by the first question, she had to prod me along which she did with compassionate and gentleness and never once did I feel as stupid as I’m sure I sounded. (Did I mention the conversation was recorded?)

Yes, I’m aware my oldest niece is insanely special and smart and caring and funny and adorable, but to have the chance to have an adult conversation with her? And to get to speak highly of her dad to her? And to have tangible evidence of her growing up? And to be able to be included in a routine homework project? Thank you to her teacher for allowing me that.

(This was almost as good as getting to have family dinners every week. Another aunt dream of mine.)

Even though my conversations with Maga involve the past and my conversation with Niece M involved the future, I learned a lot about, of, and from both of these ladies.

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