“So what have you been up to lately,” Maga asked.

“I watched my team win the AFC championship game this weekend.”

“Oh, yes. My caregiver and I watched the other game. What fun.” (An interesting response for a woman who held Broncos season tickets, but rarely went to a game. She stayed home while Jobo went to the stadium.) “And what time will the Super Bowl be?”

“It’ll be at nighttime to take advantage of the viewership.”

“Oh, yes. I’m sure I’ll be able to read about it in the paper. Who is playing?”

“The Philadelphia Eagles and the Patriots!”

“Who are you cheering for?”

“The Patriots, of course.”

“Oh yes, because that’s where you live now.”

“And who will you be cheering for?” I asked. It had been a long day, so yes, dear reader, I was digging a little bit for a compliment.

“The Patriots, of course,” Maga said and my ego soared, “because of my connection to Wellesley.”

Hopefully it’s just my heart that crashes and burns tonight and not my team in two weeks during Super Bowl LII.

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