“You know,” Maga said. “I think I forgot your birthday.”

“No worries.”

“You were about 3 months early, weren’t you? And all four of you and your siblings were born in January.”

“I was. We were.” I marveled at the purpose in her voice. All these details she couldn’t remember earlier this month were at the ready.

“You were born on the 9th?”

“The 8th,” I said. “You were married on the 9th.”

“Why, you’re right. How did you know that?”

“It’s the day between my and [Sister J]’s birthdays. I never forget it.”

“Were you around when we got married?”

“Not quite. I couldn’t have been there if my mom wasn’t even there!”

Her laughter was quick and nervous. “My gosh. What am I saying? I’m a little crazy tonight.”

“No, no, it’s fine.”

“Weren’t you a premie? How early were you?” All those statements from earlier, now questions.

“Three months.”

“My word. What did you weigh?”

“Two pounds, 6 ounces.”

“And you overcame all the problems and turned into a decent sized person.”

Back to the statements and if her tone was any indication, me being an average sized person means fame and fortune are inevitable.

*fingers crossed for luck*

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