It had been a day of meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting and I changed my plans at the last minute and so I went from a YA reading to trivia night. As such, it pushed my time clock back and I was forced to rely upon the two hour time difference between east and central time zones in order to maintain my Tuesday Maga call.

I called the moment I was free, but, being in a cab, the ambient car noise didn’t jive with my 96-almost-97-year-old-grandmother’s ears. Our conversation tip toed the line of weather and time and and and we’ve had these conversations so many times before…I can hear the worry behind the “how’s your weather” and the boredom behind “have you gotten snow” and the caring behind “what temperatures are you having?”

It was the kind of simple conversation you have once you’ve already had 1,000 others like it before now. It’s a privilege and an after-thought and an honor.

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