“Did you have your Trivia game tonight?” Maga asked.

“I did! And then I got stuck in major traffic getting home, which is why I’m calling so late. Sorry about that.”

“But you saw I called?”

“Twice. Yes.”

“I was calling you back. Did you call earlier tonight?”

“Nope. Not me. I called last night.”


“Because I knew tonight would be busy and I wanted the chance to chat for longer. But I got Jobo’s voice on the answering machine and so I figured you were out and didn’t leave a message.”

“Was I out?”

“It sure seemed that way. Who was with you?”

“Oh! Uncle T was in town because Aunt J is out of town. He was keeping me company. That’s where I was. Did you eat dinner and have a drink at your Trivia game tonight?”

“Yes. Dinner and drinks while we play. We multitask.”

“That sounds nice.”

“What was your cocktail of choice when you drank?”

“Hmmm.” Moments of silence followed this.

“Beer? Wine? A margarita?” I prompted.

“I never liked beer. I might have taken a margarita or two. What was that last one you said?”


“Oh, yes, wine. That’s always been good to drink. How come you keep having Trivia on Tuesdays?”

“That’s just the night of the week it is. They don’t know it’s our night to talk.”

“They aren’t people who know me,” Maga said.

They are not, but I am the lucky one who does.

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