“Are you out at that bar?” Maga asked.

“Nope. Stuck at home due to a blizzard.”

“Well isn’t that the pits?”

“Sure is.”

“How’d you get into work?”

“I didn’t. Work was canceled today. The worst of the storm was this morning and afternoon, so commuting in was dangerous.”

“And you don’t have a car, right?”


“That must be difficult in this day and age.”

“Well, living in a big city helps. Also, patience.”

Maga chuckled her agreement. “Oh, did I ever thank you for that green, umm, bag thing that you heat up in the microwave?”

“The last time we spoke about it, you said you hadn’t gotten it yet.”

“I did get it and it’s just super. It’s warm and toasty. I microwave it to get it warm.”

“Yes! Isn’t it wonderful? My friends L and N made them and I just knew you’d enjoy it.”

“It helps greatly with aches and pains. You can put it on your neck, or back or knee. It’s just wonderful. Thank you so much.”

“I’m thrilled to hear you love it so much. I’ll be sure to let my friends know.”

“What’s inside it?”

“Corn. It’s really good at retaining heat.”

“Dried corn? How interesting.”

“I know, right? My friends are very good with natural products and repurposing items. And, like I said, I just knew you’d love it.”

“I really do. Well, I want to tell you to keep a stiff upper lip, kiddo.”

The abrupt change of topic left me with nothing to do but laugh. “Umm, why?”

“So you can face the weather and get into work safely tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay. If that’s what it takes, I’ll do that.”

As I pondered the expression “stiff upper lip” and how very New England it sounded, she said, “And I’ll hope your weather is sunny from here on out.”

Her wish had a summery tone, but at this rate, I’d settle for spring first!

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