“Oh, Abby, hello!”

“Sorry to call so late. Traffic was terrible.”

“And were you out at that bar playing that game?”

“Yes and yes.”

“Oh, Abby. I’m so lonely.”

“Maga! I’m so sorry to hear that. But remember, you have a big group coming for you this weekend!”

“That’s right! I’m going to be 79.”

“Umm.” I wasn’t sure whether to agree or disagree.

“Oh my goodness,” Maga said. “I’m not going to be 79, am I?”

“Not quite. But I knew what you meant.”

Because, hey, at almost 97, momentary lapses and loneliness are valid feelings. But family members crowding in to celebrate you are also valid life events, so, Maga, prepare your hearing aids and wheelchair, we’re coming in hot!

(Well, actually, I’ll be fleeing from the forth nor’easter in three weeks, so technically, I’ll be coming in ice cold, but you get me, right??!?! :))

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