“It was so good to see you this weekend,” Maga said. “Are you home now?”

“I am. Just a little bit ago. I’m now doing laundry.”

“It’s inevitable after a trip like that, isn’t it?”

“It sure is.”

“I can’t believe I’m as old as I am, but I guess I am. According to the statistics.”

“It’s quite the accomplishment!”

“Thank you. What was your favorite part of this trip?”

I took a moment to ponder all the meals out and car rides and outings and stories told and games played and laughter. “I think your birthday cake presentation at Cherry Hills.”

2018-03-24 19.33.28

“Oh, yes. That was quite a moment.”

“What was your favorite part, Maga?”

“The time with you all. Each visit was perfect.”

That’s about the best thing I could have hoped to have accomplished this weekend when Maga turned 97!

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