“How’s the weather there,” Maga asked.

“Buckets of rain.”

“Better than snow.”

“In some cases yes. In some, no. Today, with the damp and cold, snow might have been better.”

“Snow is lighter in looks and feel isn’t it?”

Delighted with her optimistic attitude and with the truth of her statement, I heartily agreed. We chattered on about families and holidays and seasons.

“You have to come visit CO in the summer,” Maga said.

“I really want to. It’s been ages since I’ve been out there in the summer. And Uncle P has promised me a ride in his plane.”

“Oh, Abby. You must take him up on that offer. He really likes that plane.”

We chattered on about flights and travel and hobbies and the glorious sunshine in Colorado.

“Well, Abby dear, my caregiver’s rolling over my wheelchair. Until our next phone visit and face visit, good night.”

Retired or not, she should sign up for the CO Board of Tourism because she sure knows how to lay out the beauty of CO, smooth out the ruggedness of travel, and tug one’s heartstrings to get her researching her next flight out.

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