“I’m so sorry it’s so late!” I cried.

“It’s still Tuesday, though, right?” Maga said.

“It is.”

“It’s the night we communicate.”

Her matter of fact statement is exactly why I was calling even though I knew I’d only have her attention for approximately 5 minutes. The need to touch base on our night is strong for both of us.

“How has 97 been going so far for you?” I said.

“It’s not quite like 57.”

“I suppose it wouldn’t be.”

“I don’t feel terribly perky or with it, but I guess it’s better than not.”

“It absolutely is.”

My optimistic statement is exactly why I keep calling even when I know I won’t have her attention for long. The need to infuse some cheer into the ribbons of loneliness is beneficial for us both.

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