“Abby, dear. Is it you?”

“It is.”

“Is it Tuesday?”

“It is.”

“I was contemplating calling your mother, but thought it might be too late.”

“It’s not too late for me.”

“No, that’s right because you’ve been out and about at your game night.”

Her memory was spot on tonight, but when I pushed and asked her about her life before this exact moment, she paused, and sputtered, and turned the conversation back towards me.

When two people who don’t want to talk about themselves meet up in a conversation, things tend to go around and around and around. The weather gets discussed ad nauseum at the expense of personal details. Does this mean that if I want to learn about Maga, I have to offer information about myself first? Because there’s so much I want to know about her, but I just don’t think the details of my life are interesting enough to trade upon. I mean she’s the reason I’m here. Her legacy is me / my present, even if that means it’s just me myself and I. What exactly do I have to do to get her to expand upon her memories?

Suggestions? Comments? Please share.

1 thought on “10.16.18”

  1. This is a good question! You are better at getting her to talk about herself than I am. The times I do get her to talk, it is because I hit on the right topic. And usually that is after answering her questions about us for a while. Maybe there are topics that would work better? Sorry I am not more help!

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