“How’s work going?” Maga asked.

“Crazy busy.”

“I’ll bet. I’ll bet you wish you didn’t have to do that sometimes.”

“AHH, WELL,” I said quickly and loudly as if I could erase what she said. “No, I don’t wish that. We had layoffs this summer so I’m quite happy to be crazy busy. Well, maybe not crazy busy. But you get it.”

“Oh, well, don’t wish for that.”

As my thoughts drifted towards my gratitude at being employed, I steered Maga in the same direction as we covered all of the family (long distance and local) who visits her (and not me!) and what her secret is (“I’m an old lady who can’t travel so everyone must come to me”) and how nice it actually is where she lives and how even if the food isn’t great, at least she doesn’t have to cook it herself. It was an exercise in counting your blessings and we both have many.


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