“Hi, Maga. It’s Abby. How are you?”

“I’m in the middle of dinner, so I guess you could say I’m good.”

And then she hung up on me. I gave the situation a few minutes because me calling back right away never works. As I was gearing up for call #2, my phone rang!

“Hi, Maga!”

“Hi, Abby dear.”

“Whatcha up to?” (Reader: this is not the slang I used while talking to her, as she could not hear me very well.)

“I’m eating dinner.”

“Whatcha having?”

“A hamburger on a roll.”

“It’s shephard’s pie,” Caregiver M called. And after some confusion, Maga listed off the items on her plate instead: “carrots, peas, ground beef, soup…”

“And you have a good looking dessert,” Caregiver M said.

“Tell me about it,” I said.

Maga fumbled for words, for the ability to hear my tone of voice… Caregiver M kindly directed things and had Maga pose for a photo. After a lifetime of making all those around her pose for photos, Maga certainly took being set-up for a photo with more patience than we ever granted her as the photographer.

“Cheese,” she said.

“Tell Abby I’m sending her the photo,” Caregiver M said.

“Maga!” I cried after receiving the photo, “you match your dessert!”


“Your sweater is the same color as your food.”


“It’s mandarin parfait,” Caregiver M supplied.

“Oh yes. I always like dessert,” Maga said in response to my prompt about what her favorite part of dinner was.

There was some jostling with the hearing aid and what ear she had the phone against, but mostly, Maga couldn’t understand my questions about the weather, holiday decorations, her evening plans, etc. She chewed her way through her dinner and through our phone call, which honestly, I was more than fine with because her appetite is harder to find than her hearing aid these days.

“Can you hear me now?” Maga asked after Caregiver M adjusted her phone.

“Umm, yes, I could always hear you,” I said, not willing to go into the facts that her hearing aid doesn’t help me hear her any better…

“I can hear you just fine now,” she said. “So I’ll say goodbye and good luck with consideration in everything you do.”

“Oh, okay, thank you,” I said accepting the end of the call. I had my party favor in the form of a picture and she had her mandarin parfait. A fairly successful Tuesday night.

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