On our daily walk, my mom warned me that Maga’s “sleepy days” were increasing, but while I was preparing dinner a couple of hours later, I overheard them talking and it seemed like Maga was awake and doing okay.

Caregiver M answered the phone.

“M? Hi! It’s Abby.”

“Oh, hello, Abby. Your Maga is in bed, but let me tell her you’re on the phone.”


“I’m going to put you on speaker, so your Maga can hear you.”

“Perfect.” I waited for the cue. “Hi, Maga! It’s Abby!”

“Hello, Abby dear.”

Her words were slurred and difficult to come by. I didn’t want to force a conversation, but I also didn’t want to say goodbye. I asked a couple of yes/no questions, but the effort to answer them seemed too great.

“Goodnight and goodbye,” Maga said.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too.”

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