pressure points

i arrived early at my destination, my friend A’s poetry reading. there was a creative vibe mixed in with a certain nervousness as the readers prepared to share their words, thoughts, feelings, souls with the audience. i was the only one in rows of chairs. yes, i was that early.

i knew i’d have to wait. it was either that or try and find this classroom by myself. i’d rather wait, thank you. i knew i wouldn’t have much time, but i knew i would be alone and would have to occupy myself until the others arrived. and so with this iota of time, i pulled out my WIP and sipped from the creative juices swirling in the room.

for those 25 minutes, i said hello to my main character. i unpacked her emotions. i peeked into her motivations. i listened to her speak. i elaborated upon a scene that has the potential to be huge, but is currently only a page long. in short, i was productive.

why was it that me, who doesn’t work well under pressure, was able to come to a boil (creatively speaking) in 60 seconds flat? and continue at a roiling boil for 25 straight minutes? how do i do that day in and day out? how do YOU do that day in and day out?

i suppose it’s like this girl said (i apologize for the no linkage. i can’t remember where i came across the author interview and so what i’m about to write is not verbatim), “it’s not that i had to find free time to write, i just had to RESOLVE myself to write when i was free.”


p.s. to the poet whose words i listened to last night, you were stunning. as usual. congrats!

2 thoughts on “pressure points”

  1. Aha! I saw you scribbling and was wondering what you were up to! :) Glad you were able to occupy yourself in such a productive way! :)

    And Thank You.

    1. yup. my cover’s blown. i was in a creative environment and it was a feast! what did you expect me to do?

      thanks for providing me with some writing time AND THEN giving me a lovely show of your own words.

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