musical interlude

i interrupt this broadcast to share with you the musical stylings of MUMFORD & SONS. i think you know why i’m sharing this music with you, dear readers. it’s because they share a name with me. i’m not sure if we’re related or if this is what G and his sons will look like all growed up…. but either way, i’m enjoying the music and thought you should too.

side note, if i’m not related to the lead singer of this band who has the same last name as me, would it be weird if i married him and moved to london and became abby mumford mumford?

Little Lion Man

Winter Winds

The Cave

ENJOY and thanks to B for bringing this music to my attention.

4 thoughts on “musical interlude”

  1. I almost bought this CD at newbury comics last week–lack of fun money stopped me–maybe after i’ve moved i’ll be able to get it:)

    Abby Mumford Mumford has a nice ring to it.

    1. that’s so funny! things always happen like that. you heard about an artist or you meet a person and then their name/situations with them in it keep cropping up.

      but back to this band, apparently they’re really popular and i was just living under a rock.

  2. Aww, I never showed these guys to you??? My friends found them around Christmas time (actually Hanukkah :)) and I fell in love with their voices :) the last name in common was
    just an awesome coincidence :)

    1. you KNEW about them and didn’t enlighten me? bad emily.

      but you win back points cause you’re reading AND COMMENTING on my blog. *high five*

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