excerpt mania

“Babel Fish is a free language translation software. It’s also the reason why REAL translators will never lose their jobs.” So says Stephanie Perkins as she ran her an excerpt of her manuscript through the translator before posting it on her site. Hilarity ensues.

I decided to do the same. No, there aren’t legions of fans clamoring for a copy of my book.  There aren’t even editors or agents who are doing that (yet, I hope). But I am finalizing and polishing and getting excited about where my WIP is, so I wanted to share it. Although, I rarely talk about my book in anything other than the most vague terms, so what’s a girl to do that wants to thank her readers and share a bit of her writing at the same time? Run it through Babel Fish.

Without further ado, here is a snippet as translated from English to Portuguese and back again.

The heart of Riley jumps a stroke or four. The eyes expand and its drops of the mouth. It has a girl that she seats two feet far from it approximately; more it is spread well of what sitting down. Its members are spread wide with each foot and hand indic, making its look as one starfish.

Riley swallows an shout and the blinks ràpida to certify itself of are waked up and that this is real.

Its heart is compensating now for the time where it lost a moment has – it is beating so fast, it knows certainly that it is waked up and this is real. Of “where you lode? Who you are”

The blond hair of the girl is torsional and tangling as its main turns, looking at ambo same it and its arredors. Its blue eyes are taking above by the half of its face, but of the Riley certain if that one it is not its normal appearance or if that one is what its face makes on behalf of shock and of the surprise. It has something strange on the way that the girl looks at, but Riley cannot completely appear it for is. It decides that it must be the shock of a so uncommon arrival that is making its doubt its eyesight of 20/20.

“Who you are” Riley opens and closes its mouth to certify itself that it is working. “Where fêz you come of” It tries to say and high each word clearly, but its fear is not accurately conducive to the appropriate exposition.

The girl ignores Riley and continues to study itself.

The adrenalin of Riley delays a bit. It controls a deep breath. Another time makes same the two questions. E another time. Riley is starting to suspect that hallucinating, but on the other hand the girl slowly murmurs some words on clouds, cars, would mercearia and it. Crab walked some stages stops backwards, it carries through that começ cannot dsi far same and as soon as stop to turn yield, and twists its arm to look at its shoulder. It pricks its foot, it raises its knee, and wiggles its foot. That começ breathes more noisily and more quickly as alcanga until the sensation its hair, touches in its face, and pulls it in its ear. To look at perplexed more than and what a bit rightened, it turns for Riley. “I am I glue of Angela. I think that I am inoperative.”

Side falls on the o.

4 thoughts on “excerpt mania”

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! My favorite is still “I am I glue of Angela. I think that I am inoperative.” Tee hee.

  1. “It has something strange on the way that the girl looks at, but Riley cannot completely appear it for is.”
    Beautiful, Abbie*. Your prose sings.

    *har har har ABBY

    1. i know, gina, with sentences like that, can’t you tell how much hard work i’ve put into this? and i think you’re onto something — abbie would be the name of the author of THIS piece because even that spelling is sure to get lost in translation.

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