legal name change

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

and would i, by any other name, still tweet?

it appears I DO. as is evidenced by my recent change in twitter user name. i’m now @abbymumford, formally known as @mumfusa.

why did i go from the obscure mumfusa to the normal abbymumford? mumfusa was generated in college, and well, as much as i don’t like to admit it, i’m past that time in my life. plus, i’ve been thinking about it for awhile. i joined twitter on a whim, but since that fateful day in march 2009, my relationship with twitter had completely changed. twitter and i? we’ve grown up. instead of following celebrities and marveling at how they tie their shoes like the rest of us, i have taken up residence in a publishing corner of the twitter world. i’m surrounded by authors and agents and publishers and editors and, let’s face it, digital friends. i’ve stopped lurking and joined the conversation.

and so, i’ve decided to unmask and unveil myself and go by my given name. err, my given nickname. (you have to save characters, you know. going by @abigailmumford would be asking for trouble. or for no RTs. or for no @ messages.)

plus, one of my life goals is to be published and i don’t plan on writing under the pen name of mumfusa, so i figure i should take this baby step forward towards that goal and link my internet presence with my off-line self. (in case that miraculous time comes when i sign an agent and a book deal and people start searching for me online.)

you know me, always prepared. never procrastinating. this is just me being me. whether it’s as mumfusa or abby or abigail.

10 thoughts on “legal name change”

  1. Hahahaa, that’s why I didn’t go with @patriciablount I’m lookin’ out for you, Twitter. Conserve those characters.

    But you’re right; we’ve joined the conversation. It’s a lot easier to converse with people than with screen names.

    1. “it’s a lot easier to converse with people than with screen names” GOOD POINT. glad your comment is so articulate and spot on!

      see everyone? those who use TWITTER are genius. if you join, you could be a genius too.

  2. Awww….our little girl has grown up.

    I remember before I joined twitter I spent weeks researching how best to choose your name. Yes, there were blog posting and sites dedicated to just that.

    I decided in the end to keep it simple and since I would rather use more words than less, Kelly got lopped down to k and I decided to keep the name I adopted when I married that georgeous husband of mine and @kbreakey was born.

    So cheers to the name change. Can’t wait until I get to say, “I knew her when.”

    1. *lifts glass* *clinks* CHEERS to you too.

      it looks like you did it the right way (tee hee) by researching screen names BEFORE joining. i did it backwards (tee hee) by joining, seeing what all the fuss was about, falling in love, and THEN realizing i should have a different screen name.

      glad you’re here to steer me down the right path.

      and i too CAN’T WAIT until you can say you knew me when. i give you full permission to shout it from the roof tops, sidewalks, cars, grocery stores, etc. i might even mail you megaphone.

    1. i meant to tell you (after you email me that recipe) that when i read your last name, i read it with the same accent the dad and kid use in “a christmas story” when they’re opening the leg lampshade. fra-geeel-ey. fron-giiiiiiiiiil-o.

      and it’s nice to meet the woman behind the muffin top. wait, that came out wrong. you know what i mean. :)

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