not my words

i’m not feeling very wordy today, so instead of bugging you with unimportant jibber jabber of my own, here are some others’ words, images, idea that entertain me…

patrick ness talking about the CHAOS WALKING series.

a holiday creature was stirring by bats langley.

top 10 DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECTs from november.

great article on nailing the teen voice by lydia sharp.

a serious article by carrie harris on the lure of the paranormal. and yes, her serious is as profound as her funny.

a funny tweet by @FakeEditor: “Dear Author: Best of luck in your “writing career.” Yes, I’d love fries with that.”

a seasonal picture from things organized neatly. gorgeous!

a post on how and why her life is changing by kristen munson. GAH. i want to write like this. or, well, have something like this to write about!

a picture i hope i emulate someday from ally condie’s blog.

an interesting viewpoint from kiersten white on why authors shouldn’t read reviews of their work. the irony is, of course, that in order to write the post kiersten had to read reviews!

another beautiful seasonal photograph from ann finkelstein. it looks like something charlotte would have left over wilbur’s pen.

an important writing point wrapped up in a heart meltingly cute picture from (again) kiersten white.

the most hilarious take on what stress and expectations can do to a person from hyperbole and a half.

veronica roth on how sometimes NOT WRITING is a good idea.

a stunning, not seasonally correct picture from things organized neatly. mmm, summer.

the beginning of a cool writing experiment by kelly breakey and karla nellenbach.

instant haiku, just add water by adriana kirilova.

a post from linda grimes that at first glance is all silliness, but is really a love letter in disguise. I WANTS.

hands down the best post i’ve ever read on SHOW DON’T TELL by tawna fenske. a must read even if you’re not a writer.

a coworker: “a book is never complete until it’s read. please read.” (subliminal plug for my current job + my [haven’t yet achieved] dream job.)

see, aren’t their words, ideas, images brilliant?

9 thoughts on “not my words”

  1. Wow, what a great collection of awesome things! I love that you’ve included all kinds of things in there. Can you make this a monthly feature on your blog? I’d love that very much. I can’t wait until I have more time to go back and read all of them (I only clicked on a few now, since, um, you know, I’m supposed to be doing work :)). And thanks for including my haiku post, am proud to be in such good company! Oh, and I’m glad you included our coworker’s quote about a book incomplete until it’s read. I almost included it in my Brandon post yesterday, but then decided not to.

    1. thanks! i tried to include a little bit of everything so that all of my readers could enjoy some of it. and i tried to include quick things (like the pictures) so each link wouldn’t require a lot of time because then no one would click and that’s no fun.

      hmm, a monthly feature, eh? *ponders*

  2. We are just so glad you are enjoying our little writing experiment but thanks for the links to all of the other good stuff. Since the holiday will be quiet this year I will have a lot of time to catch up on this and maybe do a beta read or two…yeah, I am thinking Invisible.

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