convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #7

here’s why i’m talking with strangers.

adriana and i were out grabbing a drink after a hectic work day. we’d ordered and received our drinks and were going to order an appetizer, but not yet. we needed more time to enjoy said beverages.

bartender: you doing okay?

me: *nods*

adriana: *hands him the menus.*

*bartender leaves.*

i turn to adriana and she to me: wait, what did he say?

me: i thought he asked if we were okay.

adriana: oh, i thought he said are you going to order. but then you said yes and i was thinking, wait, we need more time.

me: why’d you hand him the menus then?

adriana: i was confused. you seemed so sure in your answer, but then he walked away.

it’s interesting the way bar noise and your own expectations can change the sound of the words hitting your ears.

12 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #7”

  1. True. But that was kind of an odd question from the waiter. I can see a generic “How are you doing?,” but asking specifically if you’re doing okay seems…I dunnoh, a little too personal, or something.

    Then again, I may be reading too much into it. *grin*

    1. well, that’s what we do. we read into things. i think his “you doing okay?” question was sort of a general question about food and so if we were going to order, it would have been then, a couple minutes after he brought over our drinks. you know how waiters or bartenders stagger their service…. i think that’s what he was doing, but since we misheard or rather, misunderstood him, we had to wait to clarify that we did want food, just not yet.

      or something. see. i’m still confused. oh well, the beers (and the company) were good. that’s all that matters.

  2. I was confused only because it was about food :) If the question had been about drinks, I have no doubt we would all have been on the same page! :))

    1. my original thought was that, yes, he was inquiring if we were okay with drinks, but as i was typing my response to linda, i think he was inquiring after our food needs, only not in so many words.

      it’s these types of interactions that fascinate me because he said one thing and meant it one way, but we each heard and interpreted it in two different ways. oh words and context, you saucy minxes.

  3. Back when I was a waitress, a man at a table looked at me and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

    I pressed my hand to my collarbone and gave a demure smile. “Married, actually.”

    He frowned. “I asked for a napkin.”

    OH. Gotcha. *slinks away*

    (I should mention the speakers were overhead blaring some terrible Muzak, and that it was a question I’d fielded in the past, but where’s the fun in that?)

    1. it’s true. so many things affect what (and sometimes, how) we hear. that’s what i loved about this conversation was that i had another person there and we could compare notes as to what he said, or, more importantly, what we thought he said.

      good luck to your fam. ;)

    1. ha ha ha. you know what? it actually was. i have blonde hair, but i don’t know what adriana’s excuse is. :)

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