convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #8

here’s why i’m talking with strangers.

i’m waiting alone at the bus stop. i’m using my handy dandy “catch the bus” app, so when i see the glowing orange light of an approaching bus i’m a bit surprised. the app says i still have 5 minutes to wait.

as the bus gets closer, i see it’s the #10. ah ha, see, i’m waiting for the #9.

the brakes screech their protest as the driver slows for me — a potential rider.

he opens the door and makes eye contact.

i shake my head.

he points up, presumably at the sign labeling the bus as a #10, making sure i’m sure this isn’t the bus i want.

i smile and motion to him to continue on.

he waves and closes the door, off to the next stop.

it appears whole conversations can be had without speaking at all.

6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #8”

    1. a wordless conversation with someone you know is a lot easier, so i was pleased to discover i could have one with a complete stranger. thank you, facial expressions! thank you, hand motions!

  1. Looks like the “convos with strangers” research is yielding some good results! :) When the experiment is done (will it ever be done?), will you do a post about your conclusions?

    1. woah woah woah. you’re thinking way further ahead than me. i don’t know if it’ll ever be done. it’s sort of a good thing for me to force myself to have random interactions with people, but then again, a “conclusions” post would be pretty interesting. i’ll take it under consideration.

      thank you for your input, miss kirilova.

  2. In marriage it is a requirement. You have to perfect it. In fact when we went through our pre-marriage counsel it was a requirement. True Story!


    But you do learn to understand with nothing more than grunts and hand gestures and I’m not talking about the one finger kind.

    1. body language is its own art form and the ability to read it is one to be cherished. in marriage. and out.

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