holiday weekend

mine was filled with family, friends, food, and a healthy dash of silliness.

how about yours?

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8 Responses to “holiday weekend”

  1. adriana Says:

    Looks like fun! :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      it was fun, but also, necessary. IT WAS HOT OUTSIDE (and inside, as the AC was not quite right.) baby mac had a blast which is the most important thing! :)

  2. Karla Nellenbach Says:

    looks like you had a blast ;)

    • abby mumford Says:

      we definitely did, even though there were three of us and only two squirt bottles! baby mac hijacked one of them and was “watering” the porch and the flowers and the grill and our feet… ha.

  3. Sister J Says:

    Baby Mac had so much fun with her aunt abby!! She misses you tons and so do I!!!

    • abby mumford Says:

      i believe sister E has usurped my position as favorite aunt, so i’d say baby mac had more fun with her, but i’ll take the fleeting moments i can get out of her! :) especially when the AC isn’t working and squirt bottles are the only form of cooling down!

  4. lindagrimes Says:

    Love that pic! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Those little squirt bottles are perfect when the temp rises.

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