role reversal

i was having trouble adjusting to the change of a (relatively drastic) new haircut when advice on how to deal with that came from an unlikely source.

sister E.

seeing as i’m 11 years her senior, the role of older sister falls with relative ease upon me, so imagine my surprise when she stepped into the wise older sister position after i sent her a picture of my new hair + what i thought was a silly face.

she saw right through it to my discomfort with the new look.

she had recently undergone a radical haircut (12 inches off) as well, which is how she knew just what to say.

sister E: hey. i cried. like sobbed the first day i had my hair cut. but i played with it and finally decided that it was shorter than i had ever wanted but i would make it work until it grew out more. why be unhappy, it’ll only look worse if you are sad under the haircut. if you are happy and radiating it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like.

me: that is the truest story ever.

sister E: then live it, you are beautiful. own it.

me: when did you become 45?

sister E: over night. haircut did wonders.

i think she wears the role of older sister, not to mention her adorable new haircut, quite well.

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8 Responses to “role reversal”

  1. Adriana (@adicloud) Says:

    Relatively drastic?!! I can’t wait to see it! My philosophy on hair has always been, it’s hair, it will grow :)

    Sister E’s haircut is adorable!

    • abby mumford Says:

      i was sort of expecting you to come flying downstairs. *peers around doorway* ha.

      and yes, i need to embrace your hair philosophy. perhaps next time i’ll call you for the pep talk!

      re: sister e’s hair. I KNOW. i’m always pushing her to wear it short like that. it is so flattering!

  2. lindagrimes Says:

    What an awesome sister you have! So wise, AND she’s adorable with that haircut. :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      i am very blessed in the awesome sibling category, yes. however, she did take all the thick hair genes, leaving me with not much to work with. *shakes fist*

  3. Karla Nellenbach Says:

    advice from unlikely sources is always the best. that’s why you should always listen to me. i’m just saying.

    er…i’m still in hiding. pretend you didn’t see me

  4. Grandpa Says:

    I like short hair on most women. so i’m sure you look great! love, grandpa

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