out of shape

my lacrosse coach from freshman year (of high school) once said, “it takes two weeks to get into proper shape and only three days to get out of it.” after taking a month off from blogging, i’m finding that sentiment ringing in my ears because there are no thoughts in my brain to muffle it.

after a flurry of words in november and a lot of movement but very few words in december, my blogging/writing skills are rusty at best and stunted at worst.

lucky you, dear reader. lucky you.

you get a front row seat as i stretch and stumble, write and wobble, flail and fail, and generally try to remember how to ride this writing bike. it’ll be GOOD TIMES, even if it does look a little like this:

but then again, 2012 was a good year for that look. let’s see what i can do with it in 2013.

p.s. thank you to my nephews A & L for making me sit down and watch that video. it’s important to be hip to the trends, no matter if it is a 7 and 4yo showing me the way.

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8 thoughts on “out of shape”

  1. I saw a quote on Twitter, but can’t remember by whom — something along the lines of, Even when we are not writing, we are thinking about writing. So maybe the same is true for your — the words might not be coming right now, but somewhere below the surface things are brewing and falling into place.


    1. maybe it’s similar to that duck quote — calm on the surface, but underwater, the legs are churning like mad. and in this case, “calm on the surface” means me stumbling with words and “legs churning like mad” is things falling into place.

      or something.

      in other news, thanks for the birthday wishes.

    1. i agree that breaks are essential, i’m just not sure a month long one was necessary, as my brain wheels are quite squeaky and rusty.

  2. This made me laugh and laugh as I remembered soon the puzzle with you on December 30th as you kept repeating the line from gangnam style over and over :) Miss you!!!

    1. i was channeling L, but it backfired and it got stuck in my head.

      and what do you know? it’s happened again! *shakes fist* i’m gonna get that little rascal.

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