conversations with strangers #49

i’m talking to strangers?! yes indeedy.

before meeting up with a few fellow single ladies for a low key birthday celebration, i ran a couple of errands.

me: i’m picking up a prescription for mumford. *spells name*

him: first name?

me: abigail.

him: date of birth.

me: january 8.

him: *types into computer* *pauses* *looks up* happy birthday.

me: thank you!

him: it took me a minute to connect the dots.

he grabbed my prescription as i marveled at his ingenuity. granted, it wasn’t that difficult to realize it was my birthday given i had just told him my date of birth, but i’m often surprised when others (say a bartender with my license in hand) overlook it.

it was a small comment, but him connecting the dots put some frosting on otherwise boring errands.

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7 Responses to “conversations with strangers #49”

  1. lindagrimes Says:

    Little things like that can really brighten your day, can’t they? :)

  2. Adriana (@adicloud) Says:

    I love when people notice it’s my birthday!
    So, 49 conversations with strangers. What happens next time?!?!?! Oh, the suspense! :))

  3. Sister J Says:

    That is nice when that happens. I was on the phone with someone the day after my birthday and she realized it had just been my birthday too :) Made me smile when she wished me a happy birthday! Glad even strangers contributed to a good birthday for you!

    • abby mumford Says:

      and i’m glad your coworker helped make it a good birthday for you! or rather, helped to extend the celebration!

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