grandpa’s greatest hits

as i read through old blog posts and comments and emails, it was startling to me how obvious you were and how blind i was.

thank you, grandpa for your unwavering belief in me and for your quiet, but sturdy love.

when he shared his memories of his earlier years, i could see how much he’d changed, but also, where my dad came from and why he expresses himself the way he does. because of grandpa’s self-reflection, i learned not only about him, but about myself, my family (immediate and extended), and my ancestors as well.

i never saw that coming.

but that was the beauty of grandpa’s educational style of late. he spoke about himself and his experiences as he passed along advice wrapped up with love. sometimes you could only hear his story and sometimes you could only see the advice and sometimes you could only feel the love, but once in awhile, you experienced it all as he intended and you were enriched because of it.

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belief in me
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happy 88th birthday


january 11, 1925 – january 16, 2013

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8 thoughts on “grandpa’s greatest hits”

  1. this is really wonderful, abby. about this time last year is when i saw my grandpa for the last time, and i’ve been thinking about him a lot the last few weeks. i appreciate you sharing this. (hugs) to you and your family as you honor all the joy he brought into the world.

    1. thank you. grandparents are wonderful creatures, are they not? i’m so grateful for the time i had with him, even if the vast majority of it was over the internet (seeing as he lived in MI and i’m in MA) because through him, i got to know myself and my dad. it’s a wonderful legacy he left, and i’m sure your memories of your grandpa are just as bright.

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