random things

odd occurrences. unusual findings. funny cards. new websites. thoughts to live by.

(1) shopping for NOT YOUR DAUGHTER’S JEANS brand of jeans with your mother. you both get a pair.

(2) if you’re not a professional egg breaker and a bit of shell gets into the egg you just broke, use the remaining shell to scoop out that extraneous piece. it’s a virtual magnet for the broken bit whereas if you use a spoon or fork or anything other than the shell, you’ll be chasing it around the bowl/dish/pan for hours.

(3) to all my siblings:

royal bday card

(4) society 6

(5)  yeah, this.

4 thoughts on “random things”

  1. Umm. So I have a birthday coming up. Those phone cases look a little dandy :) I also have Kenyan birthday presents for you :) #bribing #noshame

    1. you have a birthday coming up? no way. NO WAY. point me in the right direction as to which one you want.

      also, welcome back to the land of internet connection.

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