belated mother’s day

as you’re all aware, mother’s day was on 5/12, but we didn’t celebrate it until 5/26 because that’s when sister J, sister E, and myself had all invaded mom’s house and could offer hugs and kisses and breakfast in bed* like proper daughters.

*by breakfast in bed, i mean dinner at the dining room table.

i’ve written about my mom a lot on this blog, so much so, it would take me hours to link to all the posts, but here are some of my favorites. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven posts, plus one more that includes a bunch more links inside. however, just linking to the posts seems like a bit of the lazy woman’s way to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM. YOU ROCK AND ARE THE AWESOMEST AND COOLEST AND HIPPEST MOM EVER.

and so, i’ll see you those eight posts and raise you one more. (my mom likes cards, i have to stick with that metaphor.) (cards, yes. gambling, no.) (unless she has a secret gambling addiction she’s kept professionally hidden all these years?)

where was i?

oh yes, my mom.

she’s the person i’ve known the longest in my life. i’ve known her longer than i even remember, but the memories we’ve made since i’ve been a so-called adult have been my favorites. she still manages to be there in a motherly fashion when i need her but those times are interspersed with moments where i’d call her my friend. it’s one of the few side effects of adulthood i actually enjoy.

in fact, mom, as friends, we should probably invent a secret handshake or something. maybe like this:

thanks for being my mom and my friend and willing to drink a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee and taking walks and cracking jokes and eating dinner and making dinner and listening to me and dispensing advice and pushing me out of my comfort zone and letting me dream and encouraging me and always being there. at the risk of repeating myself: YOU ROCK AND ARE THE AWESOMEST AND COOLEST AND HIPPEST MOM EVER. i love you.

2 thoughts on “belated mother’s day”

    1. it seems this post is the extent of the celebration, but before all the chaos in the house, we had planned on it. xoxo to the max.

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