yoga logic

as class began, the teacher noted it was particularly full and she guessed that it had something to do with the blizzard we’d survived the previous day. she said it was a humbling thing to surrender to the force of mother nature, to admit that we can’t always be in control. during the warmup, she explained we should open our hearts, let them be the sunshine and light up our bodies. i’m fairly certain if you unleashed us into the world at that moment, we’d have melted all the snow carebear stare style. in the middle of one particularly difficult / awkward movement, she told us to breathe encouragement into the spaces of our bodies that needed it. i focused. i breathed. i found that forcing my breath forward with intention truly did deepen the stretch. who knew my breath was such a formidable ally?

i plan on calling upon it a lot, who knows, maybe it’ll even do my laundry.


4 Responses to “yoga logic”

  1. Adriana Cloud (@adicloud) Says:

    This reminded me of these instructions I read the other day, for crow pose: “Remember to keep the gaze in front of you and lead with the heart! Looking forward to where you want to go will help you get there most efficiently.”

  2. Sister J Says:

    Melting the snow carebear style…I love it! If you teach me how I will try to help melt all that crazy snow!!!

    And then you can teach me how to use your breath to do laundry. I could use that super power!

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