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October 15, 2010

this word wicked has many meanings. it usually takes the form of an adjective or an adverb. it can even be used as slang (which, yes, i have adopted. i mean, come on, i’ve been in massachusetts for 7.5 years now. it was inevitable.)

but last night, it took the form of a proper noun, as in this:

gosh golly gee wiz bumble mumble HOLY COW it is so amazing. it makes me cry and laugh and cheer and sing along and swoon and tear up and applaud and grin and smile and squeeeeee. it’s so amazing. and it’s the second time i’ve seen it. the first time, i was in NYC at THE show with idina menzel and kristin chenoweth. ms. chenoweth was out sick that day, but idina graced the stage and oh my ever did she.

but last night, jackie burns was playing the title role and she’s no second fiddle. her green skin and her voice were truly stunning. and chandra lee schwartz as glinda? as my roommate would say, it blew my mind grapes. there were so many little bits (and big bits) i had forgotten about. it’s funny! and the music is gorgeous. and this second round of actors really made it their own. i know it was the same play as the first time, but this felt unique and wonderful. i was surprised by how different the same play could be with a fresh new set of actors. it’s snarky and charming and powerful, oh my! i can’t believe i waited this long to see it again. it was totally worth the wait. however, i also feel it would have been worth it not to wait, which means i would have seen it 5 or 6 times by now. my wallet would be a lot lighter, sure, but so would my soul. you could even say it would be defying gravity. oh, did you see what i did there? little inside information. if you’ve seen the show, you know what i’m talking about. if you haven’t seen the show. what the frick are you waiting for??? go see it!

after that first viewing, because i adored it so much, i decided to read gregory mcguire’s book of the same name. (well, wait, it’s not WICKED, the musical. it’s actually WICKED: LIFE AND TIMES OF THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST.) it’s a rare event that can get me to say this, but i actually liked the musical better than the book. i know. can you believe i just said i liked something more than a book? (sorry, Book. this time, it’s true.) it’s probably because i pretty much adore the disneyification of anything and that book? it’s heavy on the politics and light on the fluffy, singing animals. and that’s not to say the musical is full of furry talking mammals. i mean, it is, but it’s so much more. the spirit of the book matches the spirit of the musical, but they get to the end results in different ways. and that’s fine. i just choose to watch the musical (twice) rather than read the book (once). which, GAH, i still can’t believe i’m saying. i always like the book better [than the movie/musical/tv show]. i guess there has to be a rule breaking situation. this is mine.

speaking of disneyifications, our BOOK HUNGRY selection for october is BEAUTY by robin mckinley. if you want to join in, feel free to pick up a copy at your local library or indie book store. our reviews will go up on 10/21, so there’s your deadline. start reading!

their love affair

October 12, 2010

yesterday was [chris] columbus day, so it’s fitting i was in the nation’s capital because, you know, it’s from his voyages that the europeans became aware of the existence of the americas and thus, we are here today. so yeah. what brought me down south? us airways flight # 2042. oh, WHY was i there? a college roommate’s wedding.

it was one of those weddings that wraps you up in its love. as the bride’s mother said, “when your cup runneth over, drink from the saucer.” and oh boy, this cup runneth over. from the scenery (a vineyard set at the base of the shenandoah mountains) to the weather to the love apparent between the bride and groom, between their families, between their friends to the speeches to the vows to the music to the wine to the dancing to the sheer classiness of it all. it was a proper celebration of gooey love affair.

and the fun factor of this joyous occasion was upped because the entire college gang was able to attend. we had a brief scare that the russians were going to hold K hostage (no, that’s not a euphemism. it’s a story for another time), but she made it. yes, we all (finally) convened in one spot for the first time since graduation. we pushed aside our hectic schedules and reveled in the memories. chuckled about old times. discussed new developments. made new memories. started new traditions. had as much fun as we usually do. and recreated a photo originally taken back in 2003. we may be getting older and settling down, but we still know how to pretend we are on the opening credits of 90210.

congrats breese and RJ! thanks for supplying us with the materials and reason to celebrate and thanks for showing us how it’s done.

wonder woman

October 8, 2010

it started with a haircut the week before i went to italy. i went to the same woman i’ve been going to for a year + now. but i went to a different salon. her OWN salon. the doors had opened the day before and while the restorations weren’t 100% complete, her attitude was overjoyed, sheer joyfulness, blissful happiness.

i’m beginning to think she infused a bit of that into the shampoo, and combed it through my hair with the conditioner, tousled in some with the mousse, and spritzed it in with the hairspray because i have gotten more compliments on my hair/appearance (in person, in pictures) than ever before.

i like to think it’s magic because who doesn’t want a spot of magic incorporated into their life?

of course, it could also be a bit of me shining out. i’ve been through some tougher times than i’d like to admit and while i thought i was past the darkness before, it seems i really am now. it’s apparent in my facial expressions. when i smile, i actually mean it. and i’m wearing a smile more often these days. i think that’s what people are seeing. it’s nice to know my hard work is paying off.

though, it never hurts to have a wand in your back pocket or at the very least, a hairdresser who can style your hair to complement your face AND your attitude.


October 5, 2010

i’ve found myself in more planes, trains, buses, cabs, and cars in september/october than i have over the course of the entire rest of the year. i suppose this is why my summer was so slow. it was the calm before the frenzy of fall travel. as i sit here, in my apartment, sandwiched between two weekends away, i can’t help but think about the art of traveling.

AIR TRAVEL. this route allows you to go the further the fastest. great for international and cross country travel. however, with all of the security measures at airports, you have to make sure your shoes are easy to slip on/off, that your carry on bag can in fact fit into the overhead compartment, that your jewelry/accessories/coat/sweater are easy to take off so you don’t send that metal detector into a beeping fit, and that all your toiletries are 3 oz or less and fit into one minuscule zip lock bag. your ipod (or cd player and stack of cd’s, if that’s how you roll) is a must to drown out the crying babies OR seat mate who can’t take the hint that you’d rather sleep (or watch tv or pull out your own fingernails) than hear about their aunt linda’s nephew’s twin sister’s daughter who wrote a really awesome book about napkins that should totally be published by the company you work for.

ROAD TRAVEL. this option allows you the most control. you drive the car. you pick the route. you can see what’s going on ahead, behind, and next to you at all times. you can pack as much as you want. in no particular shape or form or container. however, there are other cars (with idiot drivers) in them that you have to contend with. and bathrooms aren’t readily accessible. and radio stations come and go. and traffic. you never know exactly when or where or how long you’ll be stuck there. and those cops sure know how to show up just when you press the accelerator.

RAIL TRAVEL. this option deletes the traffic on the road problem, but it’s about as expensive as a flight, without the quickness factor. it takes about the same time as driving (well, if you drove on roads without other cars or construction). it’s got almost the same (must fit into the overhead compartment) packing issues as the plane, but it does not have the whole security thing. which means, oh yeah, liquids in a container larger than 3 ounces. party! of course, all of this applies to US trains. if you’re in, say, italy, YOU SHOULD TAKE THE TRAIN. the system is practically flawless. the destinations are endless. and, well, you’ve probably already got your tiny suitcase packed from the plane ride over.

BUS TRAVEL. this is by far the most economical. the most expensive ticket i’ve ever purchased was $13. and that one i giggled at because, really, $13. i can totally afford that. (i should have paid more attention to the evil sounding 13. it was just the start of a horrid bus ride home. let’s just say that megabus has the worst customer service ever. both rides (to and from NYC) were beyond ridiculous. i got there in one piece, so yes, that was good, but no, i’ll never take them again. i’ll cough up $4 more to take the bolt bus.) you can pack a bag with no size restrictions because the undercarriage of the bus can hold a lot of luggage. and there are no security measures, so again, party on with your big bottles. (of course, you must keep in mind that you still have to take public transportation to and from the bus, so you’ll have to drag/carry whatever you packed. think of your back! and the uneven brick sidewalks! pack light.) there is that road traffic to contend with, so keep that in mind while planning the trip, especially if you’re going into Manhattan around rush hour. eesh. bad idea.

and now that you have my travel breakdown, let’s hope your (or my) plane, train, car, or bus doesn’t break down on your next trip away from home.

love (just beginning).

October 1, 2010

i’m a sucker for a love story. a good one. a cheesy one. a sappy one. a romantic one. a cute one. an old one. a new one. one that’s been a long time coming. it’s probably because i don’t have one of my own.


i especially like to hear the stories of how people met in case it gives me an idea of something new to try.

oh, you met in college? darn, i’ve already graduated. from undergrad AND grad school.

oh, you met at the laundromat? the only guy i see is the homeless man who offers to carry my laundry in. i’ve just carried it 3.5 blocks, sir, i can manage these last 15 feet. maybe i’ll try the one in your neighborhood?

oh, you met while you were abroad? i was just in italy! i didn’t meet any single men under the age of 40.

oh, you met at the bar? i went bar hopping last night/last weekend/last month. didn’t come across any winners. but did you know the octoberfest beers are out now? yeah, goodbye summer, hello fall.

oh, you met at work? everyone i work with is married. or is old enough to be my father.

oh, you met online? which site? yeah, tried that one. ok, i’ll try it again. maybe could you read my profile before i post?

oh, you met in the produce section of the grocery store? my friends are due back soon, so i’ll have a reason to go to that section of the store again.

oh, you met on the airplane? i have a few flights coming up, surely i’ll get a good seatmate. or at least one that will STOP CALLING ME, SHIRLEY.

but what i really adore are the stories of lasting love. and couples laughing together. and supporting one another. the latest story to melt my heart is here. it’s EXACTLY the type of story i want to cuddle up in bed with. it contains love. humor. sauciness. a couple just starting out. and how they entertained each other when they had nothing to rub together but their imaginations.

so while i continue to search for my love story, tell me yours.