winner winner chicken dinner

sometimes you feel like a winner.

and sometimes YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

and by you, i mean ME.

the evidence is right here.


AND HERE, but that one i originally lost (in fact i didn’t even enter). but adriana had won and i jumped into the fray when bria couldn’t remember adriana’s twitter handle. i steered her in the right direction, but then, i won because i have a kindle app on my phone which is a smidge more than what adriana has. (thank you, droid incredible). SEE, i’m even winning when i’m losing (hmm, that sounds like something charlie sheen would say. and HMMM, he’s making a lot of appearances in this post.)

seriously, the first link is hilarious and is all sorts of awesomesauce. not that anyone should be surprised considering it’s tawna fenske who hosted the contest.

what? it’s too much to click a link? ok fine, here’s where i’m declared a winner via a handful of cheerios, a fish, and a stop watch reading 58.8 seconds.

thank you, tawna, mom & pop fenske, malcom, and dana, who’s guess was so hilarious, i voted for her to win.

and in other news from the interwebs, check out what i can do on my blog now:

what did YOU accomplish today?

and by you, i mean YOU, my blog readers.


the princess & the space shuttle

i was trolling through twitter looking for blog ideas. adriana suggested i write more book reviews, which triggered an idea, but before i could get into the office to write that post that idea was obliterated.

let’s back up a minute. once upon a time…

*the sun rises* *an alarm clock screams* *abby wakes to an overcast, but not yet rainy, day*

somehow, despite the gloomy morning and late bedtime the previous night, i manage to finish my morning routine 20 minutes ahead of schedule. (i know! great day, right?) i skip out the door and head to the bus stop. i’m almost there when i see the shuttle pull up (note: i like to call it the shuttle because it makes me think i’m boarding a spaceship and isn’t that infinitely more interesting than a bus? yup, i work on mars.) so i’m at the intersection and have the stop lights working for me, but still, the shuttle revs its jet engine and i’m forced to make a mad dash (frogger style) across the street.

i catch it.

as i hop on, i see the little girl who’s often on the same bus. she looks at me, grins, and turns to her father. “look, it’s the princess.”

her father laughs. “i guess you’re a princess,” he says.

“only on thursdays,” i say.

this little girl, who is between the ages of two and three, and i, we’ve never spoken, only exchanged smiles, so i’m not sure where she got this idea from. but hey, who am i to argue? if i can take a space shuttle to work, then her imagination’s allowed to place me amongst the stars.


the art of lying

i was in killington, vermont this past weekend with a group comprised of my high school friends and their husbands/BFs. i’ve been snowboarding since college, but i prefer to stick to the easy slopes, especially this year since this was my first trip where i had my own gear. *cue euphoria* i wanted to stay on the greens (beginner slopes) and blues (intermediate slopes) because i wasn’t sure how my skills would react to the absence of sub-par rental equipment.

nearing the end of the day, instead of going down a slope we’d previously done, four of us split off to try a new run, took a wrong turn, and ended up halfway across the mountain. bud and jaime quickly consulted the map.

bud: we’re going to take a blue to another blue to a black to a blue to a green and then, the lodge.

abby: *squeaks* a black?

(sidenote: a black color coded trail is for experts. i haven’t done anything past a blue on a board.)

bud and jaime exchanged a look. bud looked back down at the map and over to me: ok, new route, all blues.

and off we went.

except, we didn’t take all blues. bud had lied. we took the original path he had suggested. that was the fastest way down and with the pouring rain and sore muscles setting in, it was the way we had to go. yes, kids, i went down a black diamond trail and lived to tell the tale. granted, i went about it in a sissy manner and grated my way down the steep portion instead of executing proper turns, but hey, i had survival on the brain. i merely wanted to come back in one piece. so, mission accomplished. and snowboarding outside my comfort zone? mission further accomplished.

later, we were all safely ensconced in the warm and, more importantly, dry condo and were enjoying some post exercise cocktails and appetizers. the heat from the fireplace plus the warmth of nine people tucked into a small space sent the temperatures inside soaring.


i almost choked on the carrot i was eating the noise was so loud and unexpected. but the ringing in my ears sounded vaguely familiar. after a second of thinking, i was able to place why. and then, i almost choked again, but this time it was on my own laughter. you see, julie and jaime’s birthdays are in march and we were planning a small, secret celebration. balloons had been blown up and hidden upstairs, but you know how heat rises and rubber expands and all that science-y stuff? yeah, one of the balloons popped and our secret was about to blow up in our faces.

with everyone staring at each other — us in the know with guilty looks on our faces and jaime and julie with confused looks — a lie slipped out of carrie’s mouth. “it was the pot. i’m filling it with hot water for the pasta.”

neither jaime nor julie bought it.

caitlin quickly covered. “i think it was this bag of chips.” that plus the guilty look on her face sufficed. both birthday girls believed it.

two lies (ok, three) in one day. one got a girl out of her comfort zone and into the realization that she can handle it when scary slaps her in the face while the other kept the surprise a secret until the big reveal later that night.

i’m beginning to think that perhaps the art of lying is merely the power of persuasion incognito.


spring has sprung

in the form of a bulgarian tradition.

in case you need a refresher, you can read about my first foray into my bulgarian roots HERE.

once again, adriana has tied me up with her foreign traditions thus transforming my winter blahs into sunshine and flowers. i mean, this is a much better way to celebrate spring than with old puxatawney phil. sorry phil, but those bulgarians get accessories when all you provide us with is a fleeting shadow and a hole in the ground. i can’t support that local custom, so i’m going global with this one.

thanks again for widening my horizons and teaching me the ways of the world, adi! i feel both stylish and cultured.


conservation efforts

one of the recent changes in my life is writing related. i’ve started a new WIP while i let the other, completed MS marinate. i’ve also picked up a critique partner (the lovely alexis) [thank you, natalie!] who is giving me deadlines and cracking the YOU CAN DO BETTER whip. so in a desperate attempt to keep up with the force of nature that is alexis, i’m saving all writing efforts for my new WIP, which is in the worst sort of shambly shape. it’s kind of embarrassing, really.

which means, this post is all you’re going to get. it’s up to YOU to entertain ME. perhaps with an embarrassing story of your own.

how do you like them apples?

and, GO.